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Quick, high-impact video calls
for a new era of work

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Fire up a quick session
and get stuff done

We took video meetings, and made them less.
Less intrusive, less clunky. Around gives you a clear view of your teammates while making space for work.

Just share a link to start, or fire it up from Slack.

AI-based camera framing.
Worry less about your background.

Around finds your face even as you move, cropping out clutter and other background distractions. No more worrying whether you put the laundry away.

AI-based auto-mute:
No dog barks,
no washing machines.

Around recognizes all common noises like sirens, barking dogs, washing machines, kitchen activity, laptop fans and applies AI-based filtering to suppress them while prioritizing human voice.





Multiple laptops, all mics on, no echo.
Make any place your ideal meeting space.

Stay hands-on and productive. No conferencing hardware required.

Everyone on their own laptop
and equally involved.

Traditional video app

New meeting dynamics

With Around's laptop-first technology, video calls no longer make remote co-workers feel like second-class citizens.

Every attendee simply uses their own device.

Everyone is seen and heard clearly. No one ever sounds β€œfar from the microphone”. Everyone uses their own laptop to work in apps like Google Docs, Figma, or Miro. Everyone fits perfectly in their camera’s field of view.

Everyone stays engaged. Nobody steals the spotlight.

Unique audio technology

Around's one-of-a-kind signal processing engine (patent pending) allows multiple laptop microphones and speakers to stay enabled in the same room without echo or feedback.

Sophisticated ultrasonic signaling, synchronization, latency correction, and voice proximity algorithms aided by AI normalize microphone quality, measure a complex set of accoustic properties, and mark every audio frame with robust metadata to provide the best possible audio experience.

Watch the full film01:33

Make quick calls with anyone:
freelancers, co-workers, partners.

No team setup required.

Individuals and contributors can use Around freely without getting the rest of the company onboard. No consensus required. Whether it's a close co-worker, a vendor, or a partner, Around allows you to connect by just sharing a link.

Join a call when you're ready β€” and not a moment before.

Launch Around from Slack using the "/around" command or share a link to fire up a session when everyone is free.

No virtual taps on your shoulder. Designed for maximum privacy.

Around does not experiment with your existing social and privacy preferences. It fully respects your time and space. There are no status indicators. No messages popping up. No permanent UI. Nothing pushing you to chat when you need to focus. Around never drops you into a meeting by surprise. It never gets between you and your work.

EchoTerminator engine

Multiple laptops & microphones, no echo.

Mac, Linux, Windows, web

Runs on all platforms + Chrome and Edge.

Up to 30 people in a session

Great for 1:1s, perfect for up to 30 attendees.

Screen sharing & the basics

macOS users also get a menu bar extension to share 1-click.


Type /around in Slack when you are ready.

available for Mac, Linux and Windows

Backed by Initialized Capital, Floodgate, Credo Ventures, Naval Ravikant, Ryan Hoover, Jeff Seibert, Tommy Leep, and others.

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