Around raises $15M
to reinvent the hybrid workplace.
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Zoom out.

Kill the fatigue that kills creativity.


Introducing video calls designed for energy, ideas and action.

Gather in ultra small groups, infuse fresh energy into creative sessions, and get things done in real-time with real results.

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Create. With less fatigue.

Our approach.

Real is exhausting.Experience the unreal.

How much presence is too much? Traditional high‑definition, full‑screen video calls leave you feeling overexposed and exhausted in the harsh light of dull reality. Technology should respect and augment your mood. Around’s signature video modes bathe you in liquid light and amp up the atmosphere to revitalize your sessions and get more done.

Backgrounds can be stressful.Worry less with AI camera framing.

Don’t like feeling all those eyes scouring your magnified face? Not everything is better in HD. Around minimizes the video interface to maximize your workspace with an unobtrusive UI that lets you collaborate easily, whether sharing online docs, or sharing your screen.

Our proprietary, AI-based camera framing finds your face even as you move, crops out clutter and other background distractions, and moves you and your team into thought bubbles out of the way to free up screen space.

Noise is distracting.Silence disruptions with AI auto‑mute.

Nothing brings your train of thought to a grinding halt like a loud bang or passing firetruck. Around recognizes common noises like sirens, barking dogs, washing machines, kitchen activity, and laptop fans, and applies AI-based filtering to suppress them while prioritizing human voice.

Designated audio roomsFor when you really need to take a break from video.

Multiple laptops, all mics on, no echo.
Now all hands can be hands‑on.

Stay hands-on and productive. No conferencing hardware required.

Everyone on their own laptop
and equally involved.

New meeting dynamics

With Around's laptop-first technology, video calls no longer make remote co-workers feel like second-class citizens.

Unique audio technology

Around's one-of-a-kind signal processing engine (patent pending) allows multiple laptop microphones and speakers to stay enabled in the same room without echo or feedback.

Deep Slack integration.

Links, meeting notes and shared files sent over Slack to appropriate channels/direct messages.

Start with /around command or share a personal link with anyone. /lisa

1-click join. No team setup install.

Powered by

Audio Signal Processing Engine 1.0

  • EchoTerminator engine with all mics on
  • Multi-device synchronization & latency correction
  • Proximity-powered VAD indication
  • Microphone quality normalization and de‑reverberation
  • No extra hardware
  • AI-based noise suppressor and Auto‑mute
Patent pending

Proprietary End‑to‑End Video Stack

  • No 3rd party platform dependencies
  • Lower bandwidth requirements

Advanced Encryption Standard

  • Secured with TLS and AES–128.
  • Standard selected by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Available for Mac and Windows.


Video calls for the new era of work.
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