Pricing plans coming later in 2023

All users are currently on Around’s Pro Plan, which is free of charge until we roll out pricing later in 2023.
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For small teams or individual users
$0 / month
Per user
Guests are always free
Start FreeIncludes Pro features until pricing starts
  • Group meetings up to 45 minutes
  • Unlimited rooms
  • Up to 50 participants in a meeting
  • Unlimited 1:1 meetings with no time limits
  • Screen sharing
  • Notes
  • Image and file sharing
  • Voice channels
  • Audio sharing & music playlists
  • Games
  • AI noise suppression
  • Custom rooms and personalized URLs
  • Integrations (Slack, Google Calendar)
  • Enterprise-grade security


Perfect for teams or individual power users
$8.97 / month
Per user
Guests are always free
Start ProFree until pricing starts
  • No time limit on meetings
  • Annotations/drawing on screenshare
  • Echo Prevention* for multiple people in the same room
    *Add-on subscription. Free while in Beta.
  • Recording and transcription
  • All the Free features


Great for several teams or the whole company
$15.97 / month
Per user
Guests are always free
  • SSO
  • Advanced administration features
  • Priority support
  • Echo Prevention for multiple people in the same room
  • All the Pro features
You will be able to use Around Pro until we roll out pricing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Using Around

I’m currently using Around for free. When do you plan to roll out pricing?

We plan to announce our pricing to existing users in 2023. After that, existing customers will have 90 days to choose which plan they prefer. Until pricing is launched, all Around customers are on our Pro Plan free of charge. Even though we will begin offering paid plans, a free tier will still be available.

I see in your pricing that 'guests are always free.' How do you define a guest?

Guests are users who are not part of your existing workspace. For example, this means you can use Around for external calls on the Pro plan and it will not count towards your monthly cost. Guests will still have access to the features in the Pro plan, except for being able to start a new meeting or record a meeting.

What is Around?

Around’s radically unique video calls are designed to help hybrid-remote teams create, collaborate, and celebrate together.

What are the technical requirements needed to use Around?

Here are the minimum requirements in order to download Around:

  • Mac: MacOS Mojave or later
  • Windows: Windows 10

For the web app, we support Google Chrome and the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

I have the Around app installed. Can I invite participants who don’t have the app?

Yes. Just share the link to your room and they can join via our web app (we support Google Chrome and the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

How many people are allowed on a call?

Our current limit is 50 participants in a meeting.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. You can download it on the App Store or Google Play Store here

How can I find out about your latest updates?

You can learn about our newest updates here.

What is the Echo Prevention feature?

With Echo Prevention, you and your team can easily collaborate in the same space on your individual computers; our one-of-a-kind signal processing engine (patented) allows multiple laptop microphones and speakers stay enabled in the same room without echo or feedback.

Sophisticated ultrasonic signaling, synchronization, latency correction, and voice proximity algorithms aided by AI normalize microphone quality, measure a complex set of acoustic properties, and mark every audio frame with robust metadata to provide the best possible audio experience.