Frequently Asked Questions

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Using Around

What is Around?

Around is video collaboration reimagined for the remote-first era, with lean, elegant design and proprietary technology perfect for 1:1s, team syncs, and on-the-fly sessions.

What is the best way to use Around?

We recommend using Around for collaboration sessions with a few other participants. For example, people have used Around when editing documents together, conducting design sessions, and doing code reviews. You can see more examples of how people are utilizing Around here.

What are the technical requirements needed to use Around?

Here are the minimum requirements in order to download Around:

  • Mac: MacOS Mojave
  • Windows: Windows 10

For the web app, we support Google Chrome.

I have the Around app installed. Can I invite participants who don’t have the app?

Yes. Just share the link to your room and they can join via our web app (we support Google Chrome).

Is the experience on the web app different from the Mac or Windows app?

The web app has limited functionality compared to our native apps. Most notably, it does not have our Floating Mode, which allows for the video interface to sit on top of your applications, letting participants collaborate without losing visual contact.

If you’re going to be using Around on a regular basis, we recommend using the Mac or Windows app, while guests who don’t have Around installed can join via our web app.

How many people are allowed on a call?

Our current limit is 30 participants in a meeting.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our mobile app is coming soon - stay tuned!

Do you have a Linux app?

Our Linux app is coming soon - stay tuned!

Do you have a Slack integration?

Yes! Once you’ve connected Slack with Around, just type /around into your Slack message or channel to launch the meeting.

Tell me about the EchoTerminator feature.

With EchoTerminator, you and your team can easily collaborate in the same space on your individual computers; our one-of-a-kind signal processing engine (patent pending) allows multiple laptop microphones and speakers stay enabled in the same room without echo or feedback.

Sophisticated ultrasonic signaling, synchronization, latency correction, and voice proximity algorithms aided by AI normalize microphone quality, measure a complex set of acoustic properties, and mark every audio frame with robust metadata to provide the best possible audio experience.

How much does Around cost?

Around is still in beta and currently free to use. We will be announcing our pricing in the future.

How do I sign up for Around?

Around is currently in beta and invite-only. Please click “Get Started” on the upper right hand corner and enter your email to be added to our waitlist.

How can I find out about your latest updates?

You can learn about our newest updates here.

Where is your team based?

We are a remote-first team with people located across the U.S and Europe.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are top priorities for us at Around. We stay up to date with the latest security measures and take great care to ensure your data is safe at all times. All of our communications run through secure channels with trusted certificates, and we store data on the client side, not the server side - so there’s never anything for us to mine, share, or sell.

Does Around record audio during audio processing?

No. Our servers only forward the audio/video stream to the recipient; we don’t process or analyze it. All audio and video processing is conducted on host/participant devices.

Does Around capture my entire video frame or just what I see in my cropped video circle?

Around both accesses and sends the full video frame, but crops it on the recipient’s side.